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What to Expect When Getting Your Custom Foot Orthotics

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Is back pain, knee pain, foot pain, high arches, or flat feet driving you into a pair of custom foot orthotics? Well, you have come to the right place! Our team of specialists are experts at analyzing gait patterns and can help get you the shoe inserts of your dreams.

Your consultation for any orthosis, including shoe inserts is complimentary! You will need to bring your photo ID as well as your insurance card for your first visit. We will seat you promptly so our specialists can come in and consult. We are interested in hearing your goals and can help you meet them.

The Process


First, we are going to do a thorough evaluation of your symptoms as well as your gait pattern. Our therapists will ask you several questions to determine why you have come to see us and what your primary concerns are. Then we will assess your gait pattern. This entails having you remove your shoes and walking either in the room or down our hallway. While you are walking we are able to analyze your hips, knees, and feet. Looking at how your body moves allows us to determine what is contributing to your pain and how we can provide you with unique foot orthotics to support pain free movement.

Molding Time!

The next step is to make a mold of your feet. Our specialist will place your foot into a foam-like substance and apply pressure in a systematic way to create your one-of-a-kind foot impression. This mold, our observations and your input allow for the creation of your custom foot orthotics.

Next, we work and wait!

After we have finished your evaluation we will submit a request to your insurance for coverage of your custom foot orthotics. Some plans cover the cost, some cover part of the cost, and others do not cover it. We submit this request to your insurance to determine which case will apply to you. This process can take a few weeks. We also have a cash payment option available but of course want to get insurance to cover them if possible. Once your insurance has confirmed that they will cover the orthotics or you have paid the cash price we can start working on the customization of your orthotics. If you have any questions about the expected cost of your custom foot orthotics please give us a call.

They are here!

We will give you a call to schedule an appointment once your foot orthotics have been delivered. There will be a few important things to bring to this appointment. You will want to bring the shoes you plan on wearing the most often at home and bring who will be wearing the orthotics (yourself or your child)! During this appointment, we will shape the end of your orthosis so that it fits well inside of your shoe. We will return to you the inserts that come in your shoe and replace them with your custom ones! Once they fit in your shoe we have you try them on and walk with them so we can ensure they are providing you with just the right amount of support.

Common Questions We Get Regarding Custom Foot Orthotics

How long will they last?

They typically last 1-2 years. If they begin to break down you can feel free to give us a call so we can help you get a new pair.

What are the best types of shoes to wear with your custom foot orthotics?

Shoes that are supportive, have laces, and have a back to them are going to be the best type of shoes to wear with your orthotics. While this is our recommendation you can always try placing your foot orthotics into different styles of shoes at home to determine if they will fit and stay in place inside of the shoe. You will not be able to wear shoes that have a completely open back or no support around the ankle safely with your foot orthotics.

How do I clean them?

The foot orthotics that we provide at our office are made of an antimicrobial material and therefore do not have to be cleaned! One thing you can check off of your to-do list. If you still would like to clean them you can use a damp cloth with mild soap or detergent to wipe them off. We do not recommend that you soak them in water.

How do I put them in a new pair of shoes?

We will put your foot orthotics into the pair of shoes of your choice during your delivery visit however, we know that you want to be able to change what shoes you wear day to day. Luckily putting your orthotics in a new pair of shoes is an easy process. First, you will want to remove the sole that is currently inside of your shoe. Then you can take your foot orthotics and put them in the soles place.

How long do wear them?

We will give you a wearing schedule to help you adjust to your new foot orthotics. The goal is to wear them full time like you would any pair of shoes. Our specialist will provide you with a more specific wearing schedule at your visit and you can always call with questions.

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