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Resources for Individuals with Limb Loss

We created a list of online resources to provide you all with information and a way to access support groups, education, obtaining equipment for your home, fitness, and exercise, and other leisure resources.

Support Groups

Listed below are several support groups either offered physically in the Las Vegas area or via virtual platform. Due to COVID-19 many of the support groups are meeting digitally. We checked out these resources and found them to be the best of the best for our patients.

Amputee Coalition Support App

The Amputee Coalition has created an application that you can download onto your phone and use to receive peer support as well as access to information and education. You can sign up to be a peer visitor or someone seeking peer support. This app was also created to provide caregiver support. It is a great way to connect with other people who have limb loss and receive guidance. You can access the application here. Or by searching your phone application store for “amputee coalition support app”.

The Amputee Coalition of America Las Vegas Support Group

The Amputee Coalition of America Las Vegas Support Group is a support group that meets monthly over Zoom. You can sign up to join this support group by clicking here.

Las Vegas Amputee Support

This is a virtual support group for people who are local to the Las Vegas area who have had an amputation or have limb loss. They have a Facebook group where you can connect with others virtually. This group has a supportive and inclusive online presence that is welcoming to all! If you look under their events page you can check out any of their upcoming events. For more information about this group you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

Education and General Information for People with Limb Loss

The Amputee Coalition has so many incredible resources including education on just about every topic related to amputation, limb loss, and using a prosthesis that you can think of. They created the National Limb Loss Resource Center that provides a ton of accurate and trusted information. You can access the education and information by clicking here.

Financial Assistance and Resources for Obtaining Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment include items that are used within your home to help improve your safety when performing activities such as showering. Often, following a lower extremity amputation, you will require equipment such as a grab bar, tub transfer bench, or shower chair to help improve your safety when bathing. Below are some programs in Nevada as well as resources to guide you in obtaining any equipment you may need

Amputee Coalition: Fact Sheet on Financial Assistance for Prosthetic Services, Durable Medical Equipment, and Other Assistive Devices

Along with all of the great information and peer support the amputee coalition has a page with a ton of great information and resources for people who need assistance with purchasing their prosthesis or medical equipment that you may need at home. This website has grants and directs you to organizations where you can apply for assistance.

You can access this website by clicking here.

CARE Chest Medical Equipment Program

This program can help you obtain any durable medical equipment you may need to be independent in your home. They require that you fill in an online application that can be found by clicking here.

The Foundation Assisting Seniors

If you are over the age of 50 you can utilize this incredible resource in Las Vegas, Nevada. This foundation offers short-term loans so that people over the age of 50 can have access to equipment such as shower chairs, walkers, and much more. Can access their website by clicking here.

Southern Nevada Centers of Independent Living

This organization provides support to people living with a disability in Southern Nevada. They provide counseling, advocacy, support groups, adaptive equipment, education on your insurance benefits, and education regarding returning to work. You can access their website by clicking here.

Fitness and Exercise

Orthopedic Motion Inc. Home Exercise Program

Orthopedic Motion has created home exercise programs for people with upper and lower extremity exercises. All you will need to complete these home exercises is a sturdy chair with arms, flat surface, and a TheraBand which can be found here. To access these exercises you can join our website as a member. They will be located under "Member Resources" and it will be available for you to access on your computer or phone.

Fitness for Amputees phone application

Ottobock is a company that produces prosthetic and orthotic equipment. They have created an application for your phone with exercises specific for people who have one lower or one upper limb amputation. Some of their exercises require exceptional balance and we do not recommend performing them if you have decreased balance or feel at risk of falling. You can access this exercise app here.


LimbPower is a company designed to promote participation in sport and wellness activities for people with lower-limb amputations and people with lower-limb loss. While the company is not located in the United States, they have tons of great opportunities for virtual fitness challenges such as virtual walk-a-thons. If you are looking for more opportunities to be physically active this is a great website to check out! You can find it by clicking here.

Move United

This is an incredible organization that provides resources for people with disabilities to participate in physical activity and leisure activities like hiking and playing tennis! They are currently offering virtual exercise events cycling, strengthening, dance and many more options! You can access their events calendar here.

National Amputee Golf Association

The National Amputee Golf Association was created by a group of people who had amputations or limb loss and enjoyed golfing. It is an association across the United States that host golfing tournaments for amputees. Their Annual Amputee and Disabled Golf Championship is occurring this upcoming October in Las Vegas! You can check out the website if you are interested in joining the organization and tournament. You can access their website here.

Other Resources

Amp Life Radio

This is a podcast created by an amputee for amputees. There are tons of episodes and they cover pretty much any topic you can think of related to limb loss and amputation. If you are looking for more sources of education and support regarding your limb loss this podcast could be a great resource for you.You can find this podcast by clicking here. If you have a smart phone you can find the podcast through Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts by searching “Amp Life Radio”.

Living One Handed

Living One Handed is a website created by a man named Ryan Haack who was born without one of his hands. He wanted to create online content for other individuals with limb loss and has videos, a podcast, and even a children’s book about living life with one hand. He has a ton of great tips and tricks for doing things one-handed. You can access this website by clicking here.

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