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Carl wood
Jun 25, 2021
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Resolving the offline Xerox printer issue Xerox printers are a combined good that helps you get Xerox copies of hard documents along with all the functions and features of a printer. Xerox copies can be black and white, colored, enlarged, shrink, and so much more. However, performing all of these tasks may cost its performance output. Users may encounter certain issues, of which, finding the Xerox printer offline, is the most common. Here, in this read, you’ll get to know the reasons for the problem and the ways you can fix it. Why is the Xerox printer offline? One major cause for this is the trouble your printer experiences in communicating with your computer device. Although there are tons of other reasons: Network connectivity is bad The printer is out of coverage Too many jobs for the machine A problem in the print drivers The printer version is outdated However, in any case, you will find your Xerox printer offline when there is trouble in connecting with the commanding device (i.e., your computer or mobile device). The resolution This section is to help you fix the printer offline problem with a few ways for you to try. Let’s see what you can do: Start with disabling the “SNMP” with the status enabled in your Windows Printer Port. Ensure that your Xerox printer machines are set to online mode. Try using the LPR Protocol instead of the RAW Protocol to configure, or verify a Microsoft Windows OS Print Driver. Give the system reboot a try, and then try resetting the printer software. Detach and reattach the network cable from both your Wi-Fi routers and your Xerox Printers. Conclusion Xerox printers are machines that let you experience and make use of all the features and functions of a Xerox machine as well as a printer. Mentioned here is the major cause for finding your Xerox printer offline along with reasons that may have led to the cause and ways to resolve it. Read More: Ricoh printer offline|Brother printer offline|Fix Samsung Printer Offline|Lexmark Printer Offline|Canon Printer Offline|Canon Printer Won’t Print|Epson Printer Offline|HP printer from offline to online
Carl wood

Carl wood

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